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Select Grants Received at the University of Minnesota (as of 8/01/2021):

National Institute on Aging; R01 AG069771

Person-Reported and Health Care Utilization Outcomes of Home and Community Based Care Recipients with and without Alzheimer's Disease and its Related Dementias

This project explores whether person-reported outcomes of HCBS differ for persons with and without AD/ADRD, how client-level and state-level factors promote person-reported HCBS outcomes among persons with and without AD/ADRD, and how health plan-level HCBS person-reported quality relates to health care utilization for persons with and without AD/ADRD.

Role: PI (with Jutkowitz, E.)


Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute, NIH, 5U19AG062682-03                    

ASPREE- ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly

Integrate MDS data into ASPREE existing data to examine health outcomes among older adults. The primary purpose of obtaining the MDS data is to determine whether US ASPREE participants have reached either cognitive (dementia) or physical function (ADL disability) endpoints.

Role: Sub-award PI



National Institute on Aging, 3R01MD010729

Racial Disparities in Nursing Home Quality of Life and Care for Residents with Serious Mental Illness and Co-Occurring Diagnoses of Alzheimer’s or Other Dementia

To examine modifiable system-wide mechanisms for quality of life and quality of care for racial/ethnic minority nursing home residents with diagnoses of serious mental illness and Alzheimer’s or other dementia. 

Role: PI



National Institutes of Health/NIMHD, 5R01MD010729-05

Project title: System Factors and Racial Disparities in Nursing Home Quality of Life and Care

To examine modifiable system-level mechanisms for quality of life and quality of care for racial/ethnic minority nursing home residents. The project uses a mixed-methods design with state and national data. 

Role: PI


Agency:  State of Minnesota Department of Human Services

Addressing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Quality of Home and Community-Based Services

This project uses claims and qualitative data and assembling a racial/ethnically diverse Community Advisory Board to identify mechanisms for existing racial/ethnic disparities in use of home and community based services and recommendations to the MN DHS on strategies to address them. 

Role: PI


Agency:  State of Minnesota Department of Human Services

Designing State-Wide Assisted Living Report Card

This project uses national literature review, stakeholder data collection in MN, and survey development work to design and implement measures of resident quality of life and family satisfaction in MN. Dr. Shippee also helps facilitate Advisory Board meetings and works with MN DHS to identify other metrics of assisted living quality for a state-wide report card. 

Role: PI



NIH/NIA, R21 AG067537

Refining a Driving Cessation Management Intervention for Person with Dementia and their Family Caregivers: CarFreeMe 

This R21 features an international collaboration between the University of Minnesota and the University of Queensland to tailor and examine the feasibility of a novel adaption of CarFreeMe, a seven-module support program to help families and their cognitively impaired relatives navigate the driving cessation transition in joint fashion. My role is to assist with mixed methods design and qualitative data collection and analysis. 

Role: Co-investigator; Gaugler (PI)


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid        

Research Data Assistance Center (ResDac)

Provide technical assistance with Medicare and assessment data

My role: provide technical assistance with the Minimum Dataset (MDS) and OASIS datasets. 

Role: Co-investigator;  Virnig (PI)

Recent Papers


The Quality Measures Domain in Nursing Home Compare: Is High Performance Meaningful or Misleading?

Konetzka, R. T., Davila, H., Park, Y.S., Brauner, D., Werner, R. M. & Shippee, T.P. [senior author]. 2021.

The Gerontologist. In press.



The Porchlight Project: A Pilot Study to Adapt the Senior Companion Program to Enhance Memory Care Services and Supports.

Rosebush, C.,Stabler, H., Louwagie, K.,Nkimbeng, M., Fields, N., Jutkowitz, E.; Shippee, T.S; Gaugler, J. 2021.

Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine. In press.


It's about making life worth living: Rosalie A. Kane, PhD, pioneer of quality of life measurement in long-term care.

Gaugler, J. E., & Shippee, T. P. (2021).

Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 6, 52-59. doi: 10.1080/01634372.2020.1864541.


The Relationship of Nursing Home Culture Change Practices with Resident Quality of Life and Family Satisfaction: Toward a More Nuanced Understanding.

Duan, Y., Mueller, C., Fang, Y., Talley, K., Shippee, T.P. 2021.

Research in Aging, accepted.


Inside the Black Box of Improving on Nursing Home Quality Measures.

Davila, H., Shippee, T.P. Park, Y.S., Brauner, D., Werner, R. M. & Konetzka, R.T. 2020.

Medical Care Research and Review, 1-13.

Age Differences in Determinants of Self-Rated Health among Recipients of Publicly Funded Home-and-Community-Based Services.

Duan, Y., Shippee, T.P., Baker, & Olsen Baker, M. 2020.

Journal of Aging & Social Policy. EPub ahead of print.


Changes over Time in Racial/Ethnic Differences in Quality of Life for Nursing Home Residents: Patterns within and between facilities.

Shippee, T.P., Ng, W., Duan, Y., Woodhouse, M., Akosiounu, O., Chu, H., Ahluwalia J.S., Gaugler, J.E., Virnig, B., & Bowblis, J.R. 2020.

Journal of Aging and Health. EPub ahead of print.


Decomposing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Nursing Home Quality of Life.

Bowblis, J., Ng, W., Akosionu, O., & Shippee, T. P. 2020.

Journal of Applied Gerontology. EPub ahead of print.


Unmet and Unimportant Preferences among Nursing Home Residents: What are Key Resident and Facility Factors?

Duan, Y., Shippee, T., Ng, W., Akosionu, O., Woodhouse, M., Chu, H., Ahluwalia, J., Gaugler, J. Virnig, B., Bowblis, J.R. (2020).

Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. EPub ahead of print.



COVID-19 Pandemic: Exacerbating Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Long-Term Services and Supports.

Shippee, T.P., Akosionu, O., Ng, W, Duan, Y., Woodhouse, M., Thao, M., Bowblis, J. 2020.

Journal of Aging and Social Policy. EPub ahead of print.



Does Living in a Higher Proportion Minority Facility Improve Quality of Life for Racial/Ethnic Minority Residents in Nursing Homes?

Shippee, T.P., Ng, W, Bowblis, J. 2020.

Innovation in Aging 2020; 4(3): igaa014. doi:10.1093/geroni/igaa014

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Self-Rated Health and Sense of Control among Older Adults Receiving Publicly funded Home and Community-Based Services.

Shippee, Tetyana P., Duan, Yinfei, Olsen-Baker, Mary and Angert, Julie. 2020.

Journal of Aging and Health. EPub ahead of print.

An Empirical Typology of Nursing Home Culture Change Implementation.

Duan, Yinfei, Christine Mueller, Fang Yu, Kris Talley, and Tetyana P. Shippee. 2020.

Journal of Applied Gerontology. EPub ahead of print.

Assets and Unmet Needs of Diverse Older Adults: Perspectives of community-based service providers in Minnesota,

McCarron, H. R., Wright, A., Moone, R. P. Toomey, T.; Osypuk, T. L.; & Shippee, T.P. (2020)

Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, 13 (1).



Interventions to Prevent or Delay Long-Term Nursing Home Placement for Adults with Impairments-a Systematic Review of Reviews.

Duan-Porter W, Ullman K, Rosebush C, McKenzie L, Ensrud KE, Ratner E, Greer N, Shippee T, Gaugler JE, Wilt TJ. 2020.

Journal of General Internal Medicine, 35(7): 2118-2129. doi: 10.1007/s11606-019-05568-5.

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